Coming Soon…. Foreverbolt™ Fastener Kits

By December 7, 2012News

Coming soon to Foreverbolt™ …. FASTENER KITS. We are in the process of finalizing our initial fastener kits. Our kits will have a variety of bolts, washers, nuts and hose clamp configurations.

Our FASTENER KITS will be placed in a durable hard plastic storage kit that you can store in your garage or take on your trips.

Here is the list of FASTENER KITS we will be adding to our website;

  • Big Marine Screw Kit
  • Hose Clamp Variety Kit
  • Wood Screw Kit 01
  • Wood Screw Kit 02
  • Wood Screw Kit 03
  • Washer Kit
  • RV Bolt & Nut Kit
  • Snowmobile Metric Bolt Kit
  • Motorcycle Cruiser Assortment Bolt Kit US ANSI
  • Motocross Metric Assortment Fastener Kit

Check our website for updates….

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