Corrosive Resistant 300 Series Hose Clamps

By July 31, 2012Automotive, News, Retailers

Foreverbolt™ with NL-19™ features these 300 Series  Stainless Steel House Clamps. The sizes we carry are 1/4′ to 5/8″ through  4-1/8″ to 7″. Other sizes are available upon request. NL-19™ was applied to these hose clamps to make them corrosive resistant. This polish process takes advantage of the stainless steel and makes it better by removing the carbon steel and nickel atoms on the surface, leaving the chromium at the surface thereby producing a brighter finish and a cleaner look.

Let’s stop the madness and buy a hose clamp that will not fail and last many times longer than anything else on the market. PERIOD. FOREVERBOLT™ fasteners will never corrode like typical stainless steel fasteners.

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