NL-19® Flex Pipe – Perfected

By July 1, 2012Automotive

TSR Fabrication, a Datsun restoration specialist in Gardena, California, recently called upon Foreverbolt™ to test the NL-19™ process on a stainless steel flex pipe. In the past, they’ve had corrosion issues with this particular part. To make matters worse, many of the vehicles these parts are installed on double as show cars so luster is important. Super Mario, TSR’s lead fabricator, shipped us a sample of the pipe that he’ll be using on his next project car.

As evident by the photographs, the finished product looks incredible. The NL-19™ process not only cleaned up the part but added spectacular shine. What’s more, this flex pipe is now corrosion-proof and the tolerances have remained entirely unaltered.. Years after installation, this the flex pipe will look just as it does now; beautiful.

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