The Best Stainless Steel Fasteners You Can Buy

“It’s not a coating. It’s science.”™


Foreverbolt® was developed by a metal fabricator who couldn’t stand watching his creations corrode.

How much time and money is spent replacing or fixing things that have rusted? Foreverbolt® fasteners resist corrosion much longer than any stainless product on the market today. Combine that with a high luster and 1.9% gain in strength and the answer is clear. Foreverbolt® is a far superior fastener.

Foreverbolt® was developed by a metal fabricator who couldn’t stand watching his creations corrode.

How much time and money is spent replacing or fixing things that have rusted? Foreverbolt® fasteners resist corrosion much longer than any stainless product on the market today. Combine that with a high luster and 1.9% gain in strength and the answer is clear. Foreverbolt® is a far superior fastener.

What is NL-19®

Over 15 years in the making, NL-19(SM) is Foreverbolt’s partners proprietary lab-tested process that alters the surface of stainless steel products, producing a brighter finish, 1.9% increase in strength, and superior corrosion resistance, all without effecting the fastener’s exterior dimensions.

It’s not a coating. It’s science.™

Zero Maintenance costs.

Guaranteed for life.

Will not fade or rust.

1.9% Stronger.

I've been building custom wooden boats for over 40 years, gives me comfort at night knowing that my creations will last indefinitely. I love my Foreverbolt fasteners

Boats Wayne Ettle

This Bike looks just as good as it did in 2009. The NL19 protective coating has really lasted the test of time. Looking forward to a multitude of maintenance free years.

Patrick West - Long Beach City Manager

We love this "crap". It doesn't corrode, like everything else. We have used a variety of fasteners and spent thousands of man hours on clean up and repair. Foreverbolt will be the difference.

Sand Island Waste water treatment center - Honolulu-HI

Very impressive, as an engineer, aviator and fabricator for over 50 years, I've never seen anything like this. Tank Studios has a new ally in war against corrosion.

Tank One Studios

This stuff is amazing!!! I have Foreverbolt hardware all over my Bonanza, no signs of rusting! This makes for one happy pilot.

Google Gulf Stream Pilot

I had an opportunity to meet Patrick and use his product. Without question I will be a repeat customer.
Awesome product, perfect for any marine application. No corrosion at sea.

Virgin Oceanic - co- founder/ pilot Chris Welsh


Plumbing Hardware

Medical Industry


Metal Fabricators








Does Foreverbolt® stand up to the test?

Foreverbolt® products have been placed through a battery of tests in all forms. From 90 days in the ocean to the Twining Labs tensile test and finally the ASTM B117 salt spray specification. Throughout all of the tests performed, Foreverbolt® surpassed our expectations.

View the results below:


90 Day Foreverbolt®

with NL-19(SM) Test

We tied 14 fasteners (7 treated with NL-19(SM) and 7 untreated) to an 8 foot long stainless steel line and hung it on a dock for 90 days. The bottom two-thirds of the fasteners were repetitively submerged under water with the tide. Then the top third was continuously exposed to the ocean air environment and salt water spray. The results will speak for themselves. Foreverbolt® with NL-19(SM) shows no sign of corrosion, rust or any kind of degradation.  The untreated test samples show corrosion and build up.


ASTM B117 Salt Spray Specification

For our experiment, we used two separate sets of fasteners. The first set was socket head cap screws. 1.5” x 0.375”-16. 18-8 stainless steel. The second set was hex bolts. 4” x 0.375”-16. 18-8 stainless steel. One set was processed with our proprietary NL-19(SM) and the other set was left untreated. An approved ASTM B117 Salt Spray Chamber at a third party laboratory was used for the test. The socket head cap screws and hex bolts were placed on a tray within the machine. The unit was initiated and set to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.


Foreverbolt® fasteners tested by Twining Inc.

Foreverbolt® uses its partner NL-19(SM) surface treatment. The testing  surpassed our expectations.  We hired an independent third-party laboratory to put the NL-19(SM) processed fasteners through rigorous testing which produced amazing results.  Twining Laboratory tested for tensile strength. The processed NL-19® products yielded 1.9% strength gain!



01. What is NL-19®?

NL-19(SM) is a proprietary surface treatment that Foreverbolt has a partnership with. The surface treatment alters the surface and prevents corrosion. The net gain is NL-19(SM) surface treatment will not rust or corrode like non-treated stainless steel. NL-19(SM) surface treatment creates a boundary layer against the elements, thus resulting in less surface contamination which means less maintenance.

03. If you bend or form the material are you exposing the outside area to more corrosion?

There will be some slight exposure, but nothing significant.

04. Now in the field if the surface gets damaged or nicked what can you do?

If the raw materials are chipped or broken they will be exposed to the environment, they will have to be processed again. There is currently no way to spot process small pieces in the field. However, we ensure minimum damage while in transit.

05. Who’s your competition and what is the cost?

Currently there is no competition and the cost varies based on the project size and per piece count. Typoically the cost is 20 to 30 percent higher than non-treated stainless steel.

06. Is your process an all chemical process?

There are some chemical steps in the process, but there are also a variety of other “proprietary” steps involved in creating a final product. In total it is a complicated 19 step process that we have developed over the last 15 years. We profess that we are making a truly green product.

07. Have you had any failures?

The product is guaranteed for life, (see disclaimer) provided there is no damage to the pieces, there have not been any reported failures in the past 15 years of using this process or early iterations of the process.

08. What’s the cure time?

Once the process is complete it is done, there is no cure time.

09. Is your process chemically inert?

The process is totally inert. And we have preformed many tests, even out gassing is nonexistent.

10. Does it bleed or leech into the environment?

The process is completely clean and nothing will leach into the environment.

11. Does the coating ever get stripped from the surface say when you’re tightening a nut?

Galling will happen if the fastener is over torqued, however this process will reduce the galling significantly. By adding white lithium grease or WD-40 it will help considerably.

12. So do you have to use any spray lubricant?

It is not mandatory, but can be used to significantly reduce galling.

13. Does NL-19® affect the adhesion properties with regard to concrete…

We have not seen any advantage or disadvantage to using NL-19® with rebar and concrete.

14. Does your product work on couplers?

As long as it is a stainless steel product, yes NL-19® can be applied

15. Can your product be applied in the field?

No, it has to be processed in house.

16. Will you have any options for colorization or sheen?

Yes we can treat the finished processed surface to look duller with no shine. It can be powder coated or painted like any other metal surface at an additional cost.

17. Will powder-coating make it last longer?

Yes, in general, if done properly it can increase the life of the material significantly. This is a loaded question because power-coating is a process that needs to be controlled and done correctly.

18. Can it be brushed?

Yes, NL-19 surfaces can be brushed with scotch brite or a similar type of scuffing material. Do not use steel wool, it will impart contaminates which will contaminate the processed surface.



“When do you want it?” my father used to ask me each summer, referring to the one week of free time I would be allotted, either at the beginning or end of each summer break. A naval architect and owner of the Vega Marine boat yard in Long Beach, CA, my father was a direct, laconic man who valued hard work above all else. And for most of each summer, he enlisted my help around the shop.
Each year I mastered a new craft in the business, from rough carpentry to finish carpentry, fiber glassing and mold making, mechanical and hydraulics to electrical wiring. Behind all the work was my father’s firm belief that with a sound set of skills, I could make my own future.
And then, one summer, came the feel and finish of metal. The instant I was exposed to welding and machining, I realized where I was comfortable. There was a precision to the work and material that I found nowhere else. And better yet, there was the sense that once the work was done it was indeed done.

Both of my parents emigrated from Germany in 1965. My mother stayed home in Redondo Beach, CA, during my childhood, but equally pushed the value of hard work in an effort to steer my brother and I toward a better life. Case in point: it wasn’t uncommon to find my brother and I combing the yard before dawn, looking for dog droppings by flashlight. No rest for the weary, the neighbors might have said. No work for the lazy was more akin to my parents’ belief…and we were lucky to have parents that instilled such an ethic.

Making my way into the world, I completed a Mechanical Engineering program at California State University, Long Beach. I would continue to learn valuable lessons about steel fabrication early in my professional career—working with modern spectacles of art and design as a vintage car restorer with Mc Cluskey Ltd., and mastering the finer points of structural engineering as a structural steel and pressure vessel designer. Finally, I decided to set up shop for myself. See where my passion to create comes from,

From start to finish, Patrick Vogel Creates, Designs, Fabricates, Installs.


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