Marine Grade All Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

By September 21, 2013marine grade stainless steel

If you are looking for high quality, marine-grade stainless steel hose clamps, we have the products you need. We stock the highest quality hose clamps — all available to at great prices. Our selection is second-to-none, very low minimum quantities to purchase. We also provide the best customer service on the Internet. Look no further, and purchase your marine grade stainless steel clamps from

Note: We do not offer budget stainless clamps (or stainless bands with carbon screws). These are top quality, all stainless steel hose clamps that are designed for use where corrosion is a problem such as marine and underground applications. Of course, you can use these in less corrosive applications if you desire a top quality clamp.

“How do I determine the overall lengths of the hose clamps you offer?”
A. Take the largest diameter shown for a given clamp and multiply times pi (3.14) to get an approximate length.

Q. “You say these are marine grade, so I can use them underwater on my boat, right?”
A. These are top quality, all stainless steel hose clamps perfect for corrosive applications exactly like underwater on a boat. Just remember, however, that underwater on a boat you’ll always want to double clamp (use two clamps) and make sure bothclamps are solidly over hose and the shaft underneath.

Foreverbolt is your best resource for all marine grade stainless steel products.

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