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FOREVERBOLT®  Fasteners were tested via 3rd Party Laboratory

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FOREVERBOLT® with NL-19® performance testing has exceedingly surpass our expectations. We have hired an independent third party laboratories to put the NL-19® processed product through rigorous testing which produced an amazing results. Twining Laboratory tested our NL-19® processed product for its tensile strength. As a result, the processed NL-19® product yield 1.9% stronger after the testing.


Treated with NL-19® (Before test)
Comparison of Treated and Untreated Bolts (FB= Treated Foreverbolts. 1&4=Untreated Bolts)
Untreated Standard Stainless Steel (1, 2, 3, 4 ….after test)
Treated FOREVERBOLT® (After test)

Treated FOREVERBOLT™. 2 bolts after being tested compared to 2 bolts not tested.

Treated FOREVERBOLT®. 2 bolts after being tested
compared to 2 bolts not tested.

View the results below:

Twining Resluts



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  • Dan Shenck says:

    With this technology, what is it resistance to 19% NaOH and 93% H2SO4? Do you have studies that are conclusive in those environments? I have a need of 1000’s of fasteners that are currently Monel and Hastalloy and my Grainger rep directed me here.

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